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Title: Saying Sorry
Author: Empath Apathique
Word Count: 120
Challenge: Now Everything I Say Is Taken As Offensive
She hadn’t meant it. Really, she hadn’t. It was just so hard. Sixteen years of learning couldn’t be erased with the kiss of a boy—regardless of how said kisses sent her mind spinning and her heart beating into overdrive.
She had to watch everything she said and did around that boy. Merlin, why on earth were Gryffindors so sensitive?
Because they have hearts, she realized, fidgeting anxiously as she approached Harry Potter.
“Harry—” she started.
“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “I know.” He patted the spot beside him, turning to give her a smile.
Pansy eagerly sat down, resting her head on his shoulder as she thought for the first time of how valuable that heart—his heart—was.
- - - -
 I went over! Sorry!
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