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Family Portrait

Title: Family Portrait
Author: Empath Apathique
Challenge: Photographs

I'm incapable of not going over--sorry! I'm really glad the comm is back up, though :)

- - - - - - - - -

The photograph sat serenely on the mantelpiece, a solitary figure of order in a room that was usually the scene of an ongoing war between two rambunctious boys. The ornate silver frame had been a wedding gift to the happy couple from blushing bride’s maid of honor.
Now, said woman found herself wiping applesauce and other unidentifiable substances from the frame’s dirty surface, sighing as she wondered how on earth the boys had managed to accomplish this.
She could hear their mother, yelling at their well-meaning father for giving the two those blasted brooms as they zoomed throughout the house, creating even more disorder in their wake.
Hermione looked at the picture, Pansy’s dark hair hanging limply around her as she glared at Harry Potter, who held his bandaged hand to his chest and a had a fearful look on his face.
On Pansy’s lap sat the two boys, soundly sleeping against their mother for the very first time, the quietest Hermione could ever remember them being in all her life.
There was a loud crash then a child’s cry. Pansy was now yelling threats of pain at her stupid husband and Hermione sighed, placing the picture back in its place.
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